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Fairy Tale Fantasies - Fantasy Characters All Grown Up

Chapter 4 Reuniting Memories

Mom is going to be going out of town today for work. I think she’s going to Texas. I’m not really sure, she left before I could ask her anything. I guess I’m a fault here because we talked about it at dinner but I wasn’t paying attention. I was too focused on what I was gonna wear to impress Ciel. I heard details here and there but I really can’t remember. I hate when this happens, when I am suppose to be focused on something important but something else goes on in my mind and I end up focusing on that but I know for sure that she is going to be gone for a couple days, so I decided to stay home. I told mom and she call the school to say that I won’t be there. Maybe I’ll use the outfit tomorrow, I know Ciel won’t mind if I won’t be there for one little day. That reminds me I never told you of my second childhood friend. I remember his name too! He’s name is Blake Connor. I met him when I was I think five years? We used to be neighborhood buddies. We played together a lot like we did every thing best friends do. We even pranked a couple of houses on our street, of course we get in trouble but later on we decided it was all worth it so we do it again. We kept having fun together until one day he had to move. His parents was sick and tired of their son getting in trouble so they moved. I still remember the face he made in the back of the car as he left. It was a lonely, sad, depressing look with tears streaming down his face. That was first and only time I saw a boy cry. The feeling when you see a boy cry is unbearable, especially when The situation has you involved. The feeling that makes you want to cry with him and be there with him every second of his life. Then there’s anger of knowing it’s you’re fault and you can’t do anything to stop it. Sometimes you got to cherish the little memories you got. Hold on be right back. Someones knocking at my door

           (Later that day)

So Ciel is in my apartment when he’s suppose to be at school. He thought I was sick so he decided to stay home too. Here’s the convo:

Ciel: Why are you home alone? Are you skipping or you’re sick? You’re sick aren’t you?

Me: Wait hold on just a minute. Calm down I’m not-

Ciel: We gotta get you to bed! Where’s your room? Wait found it! *picks me up*

Me: Put me down! I’m not-

Ciel: * lays me on bed* I’ll be right back. I’ll go make you some  soup.

Me: I’m not sick you idiot!

Ciel: Then you are skipping?

Me: No just relaxing at home.

Ciel: Why?

Me: Because I want to. Is there a problem?

Ciel: Your mom is letting you do this?

Me: Yeah. Seeing as she is going to be gone for a couple days

Ciel: What do you mean?

Me: Mom went out if town for work. She won’t be able to come back for a couple of days

Ciel: I’m so sorry *hugs me tightly*

Me: ….Meh. I’m used to it. This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

Ciel: *pretends to cry* That’s so sad! I promise to visit you everyday!

Me: Fine but don’t do anything stupid or that will bother me

Ciel: I swear on my grave

Me: That’s deep

Me & Ciel: *laughs*

And that’s it besides we watch lot of anime and play video games. I didn’t even know he was that type of guy to like anime and stuff. I guess we really do have a lot in common. I’m kinda glad. Now I can get closer to him. Not in a pervy way but you know what I mean. I’m starting to think this is my 10 year old childhood friend. I gotta do more research on him to if he really is.

Chapter 3 Reuniting memories

  I have decided to confront Ciel at lunch today. I grabbed him from his table and talked to him in private. We decided to be friends and I told him my issues of being friends. The sweet thing is that he promised to protect me with his life. It’s sweet but kinda creepy at the same time but enough of that. I really think we hit it off, we exchange notes in class, we talked in the hallways to class and he walked me home (I think). Supposely he lives next door to me, all alone. Note to self never let him persuade me into going to his house (18+ joke). Well here is the convo on the way home:

Ciel: So how do you feel since you finally have a friend?

Me: Shut up it’s not my fault

Ciel: How can it not be your fault?

Me: Its because of my phobia

Ciel: What phobia?

Me: *blush* I have a phobia of being hated

Ciel: I didn’t know there was such a phobia

Me: Well now you know

Ciel: You’re weird

Me: How?

Ciel: Yesterday you’re all mean and snooty and now you’re all cheerful and nice. You on your period?

Me: *trys to slap him*

Ciel: *catches hand and gets closer* You’re cute when you’re happy

Me: *blushes* Well we’re here *pulls back hand*

Ciel: Hey this is the same place I live at!

Me: You’re kidding

Ciel: Nope apartment number 113

Me: Oh God

Ciel: What?

Me: We’re neighbors

Ciel: Really? That’s awesome!

Me: No it’s not

Ciel: Why?

Me: If mom sees me with a boy, she’s gonna flip!

Ciel: Then let’s take different routes throughout the building.

Me: Ok I guess I’ll see you later?

Ciel: Yeah *kisses my forehead*

Me: *blush* Umm see ya

I don’t know why he does that, we aren’t even dating. I know he likes me but don’t have to go that far! That’s like the first ever time I actually turned red. Gahhhh! This is so frustrating even though I like it. I was kinda hoping he would even kiss me on the lip but *blush*…. No not happening! I really hope I’m not getting seduced. I hope he’s for real about liking me

Chapter 2 Reuniting Memories

  Today we got a new transfer student. He’s from England; he kinda looks like my old best friend I was telling you about but I don’t know for sure. Maybe I should become friends with him. He’s name is Ciel Finlay and he is 17, just a year old than me. How I know? We talked during lunch. I’m not going to lie, there were girls surrounding him but he ditched them and sat at my table. Here is how our convo went down:

Ciel: Why are sitting by yourself?

Me: Why you wanna know?

Ciel: You look lonely

Me: Are you hitting on me?

Ciel: That depends on you

Me: How?

Ciel: If you are looking for a boyfriend

Me: Sorry I’m not interested

Ciel: Why?

Me: You’re not my type and I’m fine by myself

Ciel: Ouch…

Me: You can leave now

Ciel: For you

Me: What do you mean?

Ciel: No friends, no boyfriend

Me: I got friends

Ciel: Then where are they?

Me: That is none of your business

Ciel: Can you at least consider of being friends?

Me: I’ll think about it

Ciel: Ok then I will see you next period then

Me: Ok

Ciel: See ya

So thats how the conversation went. I think he is a little ( ok a lot) over his head. If he was less confident, I think he would be the perfect guy to date. I don’t know even if we can be friends. The last thing I need is for drama and bullying happening to me because I became friends with him. I mean like look at him! He got surrounded by girls on the first day of school! Maybe if he really wants to be friends me I will give him something to do to drop his popularity down a little bit and I can just talk to him about the confidence, just tell him to take it down a notch. Whew I feel myself getting nervous. This has never happened to me before unless I’m on stage singing for choir or I’m at a love scene on an anime I’m watching. My heart keeps beating faster every time I think of his face. Could this be actual love or is my mind playing tricks on me?

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